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Bye-laws for Gunton Woodland Burial Park

Burial in the Park

Burials are open to people of all faiths and beliefs. Burials will be in one of our woodland glades surrounded by trees. To maintain a natural woodland landscape graves are planted with grass and native wildflowers. All burials, including those of cremated remains must be in biodegradable coffins and urns.

Burial Spaces

All burial spaces may be reserved in advance on payment of the appropriate fee.

Pet Burials

The Park is not open for the burial of pets, we appreciate this is a sensitive subject and will be happy to discuss this further with families.


For Health and Safety reasons we require that all grave digging is only carried out by a contractor approved and arranged by the Burial Park Staff.

Marking Grave Sites

Our graves may be left unmarked to form a natural setting or marked on the surface by a flat wooden or natural granite memorial plaque. These may be ordered directly from the Burial Park Office.

Flowers and other grave markings

We do not allow graves to be marked with artificial flowers or plastic markers. Native wild flowers may be planted on graves and we will be pleased to advise you on the selection of wildflowers suitable for the burial park and its soil. Floral tributes created in an oasis block may be left on a new grave for a short period, not normally more than two weeks. Fresh flowers must have cellophane, ribbons and other non-biodegradable wrappings removed before being placed on a grave.

Artificial flowers, ornaments, stones, balloons, lanterns, vases, flowerpots or other garden items are not permitted, they are not in keeping with the nature of the site and will be removed.

Ceremonies at the Graveside

We welcome Graveside ceremonies, as long as they are conducted in ways that respect the dignity of the park, the nature of our woodland setting and do not interfere with other visitors.

Locating Graves

An exact record of the location of each grave is made at the time of each burial and a master survey is maintained to ensure the resting place of each person is known.

Opening Hours

The Park is open to the public during daylight hours. The main gates are open in line with our office opening hours. There is 24 hour access on foot.

Disabled Access

There is open access to all parts of the site. However, we strongly advise disabled visitors to ensure their mobility vehicle is able to travel safely over the parks uneven surface.

Car Parking

Car parking on the park is restricted to when the Burial Park Office is open and for Funerals. Please note the car park is used at the car owner’s risk. Casual car parking is available outside of the park.


Dog owners are welcome on the site providing that they respect that burials have taken place. You must pick up and remove any mess during your visit. Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead at all times.

Site Safety

The site is an outdoor environment. We therefore strongly advise all visitors to dress accordingly and wear suitable outdoor footwear to avoid trips or falls on the uneven areas.

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