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The Right of Burial plots for a 50 year Period Cost
Single Adult Burial Space in any Chosen Glade£750.00
Double Depth Adult Grave Space£975.00
Side by Side Adult Grave Spaces in any Chosen Glade £1,450.00
We will consider larger family plots on a case by case basis.
The Trustees recognise that Children have different needs, We therefore offer spaces for Babies and Children up to the age of 10 in a special “Children’s only” area in our Hawthorn Glade. NO CHARGE
For Children Aged 10 to 15 years £350.00
All Ashes Plots £450.00
All the above burial choices are subject to an Interment Fee, This is payable at the time of need and includes Grave Preparation and Reinstatement.
For the Burial of a Child whose age does not exceed 15 years£375.00
For the Burial of a Person whose age at death exceeds 15 years£675.00
For the Interment of Cremated Remains £275.00
For the Interment of Two Sets of Ashes at the same time£450.00
Additional Charges
The Scattering of Cremated Remains £100.00
Our Attention to a Saturday Funeral£250.00
Our Attention to Saturday Ashes (Interring & Scattering)£90.00
Granite Memorial Plaque
Ordered Directly from Gunton Woodland Burial Park from: £180.00
Sponsoring of Woodland Trees
Supporting the Development of our Woodland Burial Park from:£75.00

All of the above choices:

  • Do not cover the funeral directors, Church, Ministers fees.
  • Are based on each grave space being held open for a minimum period of 50 years, at which point the period may be extended
  • The trustees reserve the right to amend any of the above charges.

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