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Photograph by kind permission of Blair Shimmield.


Description of service providedCost
For the burial of adults and children in woodland glades.
An adult single burial space located in any chosen glade £650.00
For couples or friends side by side in any chosen glade £1,300.00
We will consider larger family plots on a case by case basis.
The trustees recognise that children may have different needs. We therefore offer single child spaces for children up to the age of 10 years old in either a special “children’s only” area or alongside other family membersNo Charge
For Children Aged 11 to 15 years £300.00
All of the above burial choices are subject to an additional interment fee of:£200.00
Grave Preparation & Reinstatement£300.00
To Our Attention To Saturday Funeral£200.00
For the burial of cremated remains around the perimeter of any chosen glade;
One to two space plots£300.00
One to four space plots £400.00
In both cases each Interment will be subject to an additional interment fee of:£150.00
To Grave Preparation & Reinstatement£70.00
To Our Attention to Saturday Ashes Interment£50.00
For the scattering of ashes
Ashes may be scattered in an area set aside for this purpose.
Memorial tablets are not allowed in the Scattering Areas. To Our Attention to Scattering Ashes on a Saturday.£75.00
To Our Attention to Scattering Ashes on a Saturday. £50.00
Memorial Tablets
Tablets ordered directly from Gunton Woodland Burial Park – From:£150.00
Sponsoring of Woodland Trees
Supporting the Development of our Woodland Burial Park – From: £50.00

All of the above choices:

  • Do not cover the funeral directors, Church, Ministers fees.
  • Are based on each grave space being held open for a minimum period of 50 years, at which point the period may be extended
  • The trustees reserve the right to amend any of the above charges.